Programme During Lockdown

This a writing programme to try whilst we are in Lockdown, some writing prompts to get the brain cells ticking over.


February 22nd                     Wind of change

March 1st                             Parasol in Paris

March 8th                             The health of a fisherman

March 15th                          A positive day

March 22nd                          Write a short story or article – about 500 words – on the theme of ‘volunteering’

March 29th                          Do you really want to do that?

April 5th                                Choose any book, open it at page 32, find line 4 and write down the sentence. Use this to spark off a short play between two characters.

April 12th                              I’m lost, Bamboo

April 19th                              School Reunion

April 26th                              Write a poem or story which includes the words ‘bank’ ‘pillow’ and ‘pyramid’

May 3rd                                 Dialogue: Interview in a police station

May 10th                              Pelargonium was her name

May 17th                              Choose a character from a famous novel and give them a task to complete, e.g. Sherlock Holmes has to bake a Victoria Sponge.

May 24th                              Write an article on the theme of ‘roots’

May 31st                               Drunk in charge of a Chihuahua

June 7th                                ‘How to…’ Describe something you’re knowledgeable about.

June 14th                              Why are you so nervous?            

June 21st                              Curtain call         

June 28th                              ‘I met a traveller from an antique land…’

July 5th                                  Café au lait         

July 12th                                My hero

July 19th                                Bobbles on my hat

July 26th                                Using the prompt ‘useful’ start spontaneous writing for about one minute and keep going even if it’s nonsense.  Now pick one sentence or phrase out of the piece you’ve written and use it to create a short story, article or poem.

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