Programme From 2 August


August 2nd                   Not a Love Story

August 9th                    The Cellar

August 16th                  Write a short sketch involving two characters, an eyebrow and a statue of the Virgin Mary

August 23rd                 What does this image suggest to you? Write about it    

August 30th                  BANK HOLIDAY

September 6th              Golden Shovel. Write a poem using the first words of each line of a famous poem as the endings of each of your lines. For bonus points, make it an acrostic.

September 13th            The Crossing

September 20th            AGM

September 27th            Review a film, book or play

October 4th                  Let Me Explain          

October 11th                Link: panel, chocolate and elbow

October 18th                Choose an unusual word

and use it in a piece of writing.

October 25th                Dangerous Game

November 1st              Stranger in a strange town

November 8th              Three People in an Elevator: choose three characters, real, fictional or a combination of both and place them in an elevator that has broken down for three hours. How do they get on?

November 15th            I Dare You

November 22nd           Artificial Intelligence

November 29th            Something Blue

December 6th               Amber Broadcast

December 13th             Include the word ‘turkey’ in a piece of writing.

December 20th             A Winter Haiku

December 27th             Holiday. Happy Christmas, Everyone (and Happy Birthday, James!)


January 3rd 2022         Death of a Craftsman

January 10th                 You are in a room full of people and you’re the only blind person

there. Describe the room and the people in your mind.

January 17th                 The Feud

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