Achievements by Pennine Ink members

In the 2018 Burnley Writers Prizegiving, Laura Sheridan won the Article category with her humorous piece ‘Guerre de Loo’ and came second in the Children’s Poetry section with ‘Dax the Dancing Dachsund.’ She took second prize for her short story ‘Just Keeps on Rolling’ and for her Monologue, ‘Bogged Down in the Afterlife.’ She took third prize in the Flash Fiction category with ‘Too Many Mugs’ and third prize for her Article ‘Andiamo.’

Laura, writing as G.L.Sheridan, has ten novels and a novella published on Amazon, along with a collection of poetry and some short stories. She has other novels in the pipeline. In the Burnley Literary Festival 2017, she won first prize with her story ‘Sun’s Shining on t’Other’ and as part of her prize, a phrase from her story was engraved into the pavement in the town centre.

She has won quite a few prizes for her stories and poetry. One of her children’s poems, ‘Dinomate’ is going to be included in a book of SATs tests for junior school children.
Laura’s books can be found here: