The name of the group is: 

  • Pennine Ink Writers (PIW). 
  • PIW is based in Burnley but welcomes anyone outside the area who is able to attend the weekly meetings.

The objectives of this group are:

  • To organise and inspire the written word in all its forms, including stories, poetry, articles, sketches and plays.
  • To give constructive feedback with the aim of improving pieces of work.
  • To encourage members to place their work in magazines, anthologies and online.
  • To encourage members to enter writing competitions by providing information about them.
  • To help members publish or self-publish longer works, such as novels, non-fiction books and plays.
  • To provide the members of PIW access to professional writers when possible.
  • To publish an annual magazine which includes members’ work and pieces from all over the world.
  • To produce published materials in any form, either for sale or free distribution.
  • Run an annual competition. (Members are not allowed to enter)
  • Promote good writing skills.
  • Give support and encouragement in all aspects of writing.
  • To use the skills within PIW to further community development.


  • Must live within a reasonable distance of Burnley so that they can attend the meetings.
  • Do not pay an annual subscription but contribute £2 at each meeting (subject to change at an AGM). Note: during the ‘Covid era’ it was decided to assist the Woodman, by contributing £10 per week, from subs, to the landlord.
  • The subscription fee is to be used for publication of the annual magazine, occasional speakers and any other expenditure on behalf of the group which the Committee deems suitable.
  • Attend weekly meetings for at least 12 weeks a year.
  • Receive no payment for any work they do on behalf of the group, but do receive expenses. 

How can people join?

  • Attend the meetings and pay the weekly subscription fee.
  • The dates of meeting times and venues shall be decided by the Committee. These dates are to be published and updated, if necessary, on the PIW website.
  • Meetings currently take place every Monday night from 8-10 pm. Minutes are not taken.

The Committee:

  • The Committee is elected annually and consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Editor. Assistant Editors are also elected.
  • The role of the Chair is to run each meeting and provide extra writing stimuli when needed.
  • The role of the Editor is to select pieces suitable for publication in Pennine Ink Magazine. Assistant Editors may help when required. The Editor collates the selected work, organises it so that it fits well into the magazine format and takes the draft magazine to the publisher.
  • The role of the Secretary is to keep members informed about news relevant to the objectives of the group; to create and update a Members’ List; to collate topics in regular programmes for use at the meetings; to organise and judge the annual competition; to record the Minutes at the AGM.

The AGM:

  • is to be held once a year, in April or May.
  • Members will be informed verbally, by email and in the written programme. This gives at least six months’ notice and items for discussion can be submitted any time during that period.
  • To serve on the Committee, a member must be nominated by another member and voted in by the rest of the group.
  • The quorum should be a minimum of six members.

Special General Meeting. 

  • A SGM can be called if a written notice is given by at least five members of PIWW who meet the membership requirements. This notice must be given at least two weeks before the SGM.


  • The group has a savings account in the Marsden building society. There are three signatories. Any two can sign.
  • The Treasurer collects the weekly contributions and puts the money in the building society. This money is then used to pay for publication of the annual magazine, prize money for the annual competition, occasional guest speakers and any expenses incurred by members.
  • Records of income and expenditure are kept by the Treasurer and a statement for the year will be given at the AGM.

Changes to the Constitution:

  • May be suggested by any member.
  • Members will need to give at least two weeks’ notice before the AGM.
  • Changes must be voted in by a majority.


Any PIW publications shall be overseen by the organising committee who may appoint an editorial team, if necessary.