Article 1

The name of this group shall be the “Pennine Ink Writers” (PIW).

Article 2 


(a) To promote and encourage the written and spoken word.

(b) To provide opportunities for and encourage members of PIW to have written work published.

(c) To produce published materials in any form, either for sale or free distribution.

(d) To provide educational experiences through which members may develop their writing skills.

(e) To provide the members of PIW access to professional writers.

(f) To use the skills within PIW to further community development.

Article 3


Membership is composed of individuals who attend meetings and pay the weekly subscription. The subscription and any other condition of membership may be reviewed at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or a Special General Meeting (SGM).

Article 4


The officers of PIW shall consist of Chairman, at least one Vice chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.  These and other members of the organising committee shall be elected at the AGM or SGM of PIW.

Article 5 


(a) Regular Group – Weekly

The dates of meetings, times and venue, shall be decided by the organising committee. These dates to be published regularly along with the proposed programme.

(b) Organising Committee.

The dates of meetings, times and venue, shall be decided by the organising committee.

(c) Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting shall take place in May. The financial year end of PIW shall be 30 April. The date of the AGM, time and venue, shall be decided by the organising committee.

(d) Special General Meeting.

A SGM can be called if written notice is given by at least 5 members of PIW who meet the membership requirements. The notice to the organising committee must be given to an officer of the organising committee at least 2 weeks before the SGM.

Article 6


For a meeting of the organising committee to take place 4 members shall constitute a quorum.

Article 7


The group will produce accounts once a year for the AGM, which will be independently examined.  PIW funds to be held in a suitable bank/ building society account.  

The management  of the account subject to financial and banking rules prevalent at the time.  There shall be 3 signatories, all officers of the group.  2 signatures will be needed to withdraw group funds.

Article 8


Any PIW publications shall be overseen by the organising committee who may appoint an editorial team.